Mesa Performance Corps Hard At Work

It has been a busy month for Murrieta Mesa’s Band Program! To kick it off, they opened March with their annual Awards Concert. In preparation for the Vista Murrieta Band and Orchestra Festival, the traditional Concert Band and Wild Ensemble II groups were merged into a temporary Symphonic Winds band. This Symphonic Winds Group played three selections (Cajun Folk Songs by Frank Ticheli, A Hymn … Continue reading Mesa Performance Corps Hard At Work

The 2022 SoCal Special Olympics

As COVID-19 guidelines start to alleviate, annual events that have been put on hold are slowly starting to come back to Mesa. On Friday, we were able to host the annual Southern California Special Olympics once again! The Special Olympics is an event that brings many communities together to celebrate our talented young athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities. From elementary school athletes to high … Continue reading The 2022 SoCal Special Olympics

Spring Fashion at Mesa

Fashion Photography Club Feature Spring is here! Spring in Murrieta is full of ups and downs, with the weather either being super hot or cloudy with a chance of rain. This isn’t too bad for fashion lovers as we can fluctuate between bright florals and cozy layers! Let’s check out some spring fashion at Mesa! Haven (sophomore) is wearing a classy leather jacket with dark … Continue reading Spring Fashion at Mesa

Having Healthy and Happy High School Relationships

Valentine’s Day Special Written by Elizabeth Fujiwara and Morathi Casas Relationships are hard! Whether it’s love or friendship, it takes a lot to maintain a strong and healthy connection. Communication is key, and so is forgiveness! No one is perfect and there will come a day where we let each other down. I am a strong believer that forgiveness is essential to any long-lasting friendship … Continue reading Having Healthy and Happy High School Relationships

Getting to Know Our New Principal

Article by Elizabeth Fujiwara and Morathi Casas Last semester, our principal, Mr. Ellis decided to say goodbye to his high school principal days and start a new journey. We wish him the best as he explores a new sector of education in the district office! Mr. Richards, our former assistant principal, has joined us as our new principal, and we are so delighted to have … Continue reading Getting to Know Our New Principal

RAKA Day- A Community Success

RAKA Day. It’s like Christmas, except you get to be Santa! This is because, on RAKA Day, the Random Acts of Kindness Association partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) to bring together non-profits in the Riverside area for a single day of kindness, and you can participate. Volunteers at the event mainly assist by doing random acts of kindness, mostly gift giving. … Continue reading RAKA Day- A Community Success

Mesa Goes Green

Murrieta Mesa High School opened in 2009 and has been upkept to look like a new, bright, and beautiful campus. Therefore, we generally wouldn’t consider Mesa to be “dirty”, but CASL Club has brought us insight; maybe we should begin to continuously help clean the campus we call home! On the Friday before Thanksgiving break, CASL Club hosted a campus cleanup after school. Students met … Continue reading Mesa Goes Green

An Expose on High School Clubs

If you have a preconceived opinion that school clubs are boring and nerdy, then you should keep reading. I had this opinion on clubs in my earlier high school years, and I admit that I regret being part of such an undeveloped bias. Clubs have brought me a different type of community that a sport or elective couldn’t have. Many people are in sports, but … Continue reading An Expose on High School Clubs

Marching Band Deserves More Credit

A group of musicians who simultaneously play an instrument and march during a parade, competition or sports event, are being challenged both physically and mentally. Yet, they are sometimes viewed with contempt. No one should be criticized for taking part in creating both a musical and visual performance. There should never be school involvements or activities that are looked down on- they all deserve praise. … Continue reading Marching Band Deserves More Credit